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Film Screenings

In addition to the following screening times, the films will also be available at the Kerr Hall Learning Lab on the second floor of Kerr Hall. There hours are: 9:30am till 8pm M-T and 10 – 5 F.

All screenings will be held in SH 2635. They are informal and you are welcome to bring friends and food.


Desk Set/Tuesday, July 17/6pm
Top Secret Rosies/Wednesday, July 18/6pm
Blade Runner/Monday, July 23/6pm
I Have Found It/Monday, July 30/6pm


Introductory Blog Assignment

After you haves started your blog and introduced yourself to the class in your About page, take a moment to write a brief (one paragraph or so) blog post telling us about your research interests, and how you think they might connect to this class. Try to be specific. This will help you to find other class members who may have similar interests come time to comment on other blogs.

Have this completed by class time tomorrow, so another student can comment in class tomorrow.

Blog Component

Whereas Twitter will be a short daily requirement, the blog will be a longer sustained writing exercise that asks you to engage with readings, tweets, class discussions, outside texts, and your own interests. This will be the space in which you are encouraged to explore connections that may not be immediately visible between feminist theory and the things you are interested in (pop culture, video games, knitting, etc.). The purpose of the blog is to give you a space through which to interact but also to make personally relevant, theory that is foundational yet still currently being debated and whose value is still being evaluated.

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The Basics

Each of you, in your groups, is responsible for teaching one piece of feminist theory on the course syllabus to the rest of the class. You may not be the class “experts” for that particular text, but you should demonstrate an emerging comprehension of the text’s terms and concepts so that you can adequately navigate the class toward a stronger understanding of the text through your guided discussion. Like the texts we look at, this exercise serves to destabilize the “expert” and “authoritative” structures that traditionally value some sorts of knowledge and knowledge dissemination over others. It should also make light, the heavy burden of learning very dense theoretical materials. (This assignment is 10% of your final grade.)

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Presentation Schedule

Here is the presentation schedule for the rest of the course. Please refer to the Presentation Guidelines as you prepare.

7/2 Butler:

  1. Mariana Davis
  2. Courtney Brooks

7/9 Foucault:

  1. Jennifer Navarro
  2. Eduardo Magana
  3. Arielle Beltran

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Twitter Component

As you’ve probably seen from the course syllabus, website, or class discussion, Twitter will be a major component of this class. This is done for several reasons:

  1. To encourage you to stay on top of the assigned readings
  2. To provide a means to engage with these readings in an informal, public, immediate, and meaningful manner
  3. To connect you with a larger community of scholars, activists, and individuals invested and in dialogue around similar issues
  4. To foster a developing understanding of the labor necessary to maintain a multi-valent online and offline identity

The general guidelines for the Twitter component require that on class days (Mon-Thurs) you compose one original tweet per day, AND respond to one of your classmate’s tweets per day. That’s it. 280 characters daily. And don’t forget to tag them with the #femglobaltech hashtag.

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Class Meetings 6/26-2/28

Just a reminder, classes for the rest of this week will be meeting in Gaviota Lab-Phelps Hall 1529 at the normal time (11a-12:05p). We will be going over course readings and also the Twitter and WordPress components of the class.