**Please note: This schedule is subject to change. Changes will be announced in class and documented here.**


Week 1

Mon 6/25 Introduction, Class Policies, Wollstonecraft (excerpts from Vindication of the Rights of Woman)- Introduction (p16-19) and Ch. 2. “Prevailing Opinion of Sexual Character Discussed” (p. 25-40), Explore: Nines, Women Writer’s Project, and centerNet
Tues 6/26 Intro to Feminist Theories and Women’s cultural production; Intro to Twitter; Reading Due: De Beauvoir’s Introduction from The Second Sex; First Tweets Due

Problematizing Binaries

Mon 6/27 Intro to WordPress, Presentation Sign-ups; Reading Due: Excerpts from Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own; Assignment for Thurs: 1) About page and 2) Introductory post
Tues 6/28 Establishing and maintaining online identities (WordPress and Twitter); Readings Due: Hooks, “Black Women: Shaping Feminist Theory,” “Men: Comrades in Struggle”; Due Sat: Individual blog responses to poems or outside text
using theoretical texts; Due Sun: Response to one classmate 

Week 2

Mon 7/2 Love (pp. 1 -63), Butler, “Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire” (Presentation 1)
Tues 7/3 Finish Love (pp. 64 -120)

Reproduction, Sex, Control

Wed 7/4 NO CLASS – Read Handmaid’s Tale, sections 1-6 (pp. 1-75)
Thur 7/5 Handmaid’s Tale, through section 9 (pp. 79-147)

Week 3

Mon 7/9 Handmaid’s Tale (pp. 151-195); excerpts of Foucault, History of Sexuality (Presentation 2)
Tues 7/10 Handmaid’s Tale (pp. 199-250); Disney’s “The Story of Menstruation
Wed 7/11 Finish Handmaid’s Tale (pp. 251-295); Review
Thur 7/12 MIDTERM

Marked Bodies

Week 4

Mon 7/16 Mixquihuala Letters (choose one of the proposed paths and read the first half); Mohanty, “Under Western Eyes” (Presentation 3)
Tues 7/17 Finish chosen path of Mixquihuala Letters; Anzaldua, excerpt from Borderland/La Frontera (Presentation 4), Marino “Liberating the Chicana Feminist Archive”

Techno-Bodies, Part I: Opposition

Wed 7/18 Desk Set*
Thurs 7/19 Top Secret Rosies,* Articles on Female Computers

Week 5 Techno-Bodies, Part II: Potential

Mon 7/23 The Bohr Maker, ch. 1-8 (pp 1-103); Haraway, “Cyborg Manifesto” (Presentation 5)
Tues 7/24 The Bohr Maker, ch. 9-15 (pp. 105-176)
Wed 7/25 The Bohr Maker, ch. 16-22 (pp. 177-257); Blade Runner* Sandoval, “New Sciences: Cyborg Feminisms and the Methodology of the Oppressed” (Presentation 6)
Thur 7/26 Finish The Bohr Maker, ch. 23- Epilogue (pp. 259-325) & Blade Runner

Week 6 Techno-Bodies, Part III: Globalized Femininity and Consumption

Mon 7/30 I Have Found It; Tiptree, Jr., “The Girl Who Was Plugged In”; Final Projects Due
Tues 7/31 I Have Found It; Nakamura, Economies of Digital Production in East Asia: iPhone Girls and the Transnational Circuits of Cool, DH at the MLA12, discussion of feminized global labor
Wed 8/1 Review



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