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Final days…

We’ll finish I Have Found It tomorrow and discuss last minute questions about the final.

You will also be asked to fill out department evaluations tomorrow at the end of class on Wednesday.
Do not forget to bring a blue book to the exam room, SH 1430 on Thursday!


Revised Final Week Schedule

Just a reminder, there will not be a screening tonight. I Have Found It shall be screened in class. Please read the assigned articles (linked from the course schedule) to discuss on Wednesday, following the film. You will receive review materials in class tomorrow, for you to review on your own, in preparation for the Thursday final exam.

If you are doing a blog or creative piece for your final project, please post those by the end of the day today, or I will have to mark you down.

Midterm reminder!

Don’t forget, your midterm is this Thursday (7/12) in SH 1430. Bring blue books!

Midterm review will be on Wednesday. Feel free to use the class Google docs (found in the Docs page) for review purposes. Contact me for password.