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The Basics

Each of you, in your groups, is responsible for teaching one piece of feminist theory on the course syllabus to the rest of the class. You may not be the class “experts” for that particular text, but you should demonstrate an emerging comprehension of the text’s terms and concepts so that you can adequately navigate the class toward a stronger understanding of the text through your guided discussion. Like the texts we look at, this exercise serves to destabilize the “expert” and “authoritative” structures that traditionally value some sorts of knowledge and knowledge dissemination over others. It should also make light, the heavy burden of learning very dense theoretical materials. (This assignment is 10% of your final grade.)

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Presentation Schedule

Here is the presentation schedule for the rest of the course. Please refer to the Presentation Guidelines as you prepare.

7/2 Butler:

  1. Mariana Davis
  2. Courtney Brooks

7/9 Foucault:

  1. Jennifer Navarro
  2. Eduardo Magana
  3. Arielle Beltran

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